5 Sparrows is a nonprofit, nonpartisan corporation whose mission is to assist in countering human trafficking within the United States. Our goal is to practically demonstrate love, mercy, and justice to those scarred by human trafficking.

*At this time we are not taking on new volunteers until our next scheduled victim advocate training in Fall 2019.


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5 Sparrows serves as one of our community's primary service providers to all victims of human trafficking - offering a multitude of resources to those who are ready for lasting change.  In 2017-2018, 5 Sparrows served over 234 HT victims.



5 Sparrows conducts human trafficking prevention and awareness engagements throughout the community. In 2018, 5 Sparrows and LE partners educated and trained thousands of leaders and citizens in HT awareness. 



5 Sparrows collaborates to identify and eliminate systemic gaps in the community which enable human trafficking to exist.


5 Sparrows respects your privacy.  This website neither gathers nor stores any personal data other than the required info for PayPal donations.  5 Sparrows remains prepared to provide any information as directed by a legitimate court decision against 5 Sparrows as advised by our legal support team.  Thank you!