Many thanks to our generous grantors and supporters who enable us to provide services critical to our mission.

Waccamaw Community Foundation, awarded us $15,000 in December 2018.

The Dr. Glenward T. Keeney Memorial Endowment of Cumberland Community Foundation awarded 5 Sparrows funds in July 2018 for general operating support.

The Riddle Family Foundation, and the J.P. Riddle Foundation as generous sponsor supporters for the Fall 2018 Freedom Gala.

Gala sponsors include: Crowned Free, Edward Jones, Fathom Realty, Lane Family, Blackman Family, and the Ingraldi Family.

LTC & Mrs. Phillip Brown

Daughters of Penelope

Mrs. Claudia Canestra

LTC & Mrs. J. Pamplin

The Salinas Family

Project NO REST, through UNC Chapel Hill School of Social Work designated 5 Sparrows as a pilot site for 2016-2018, awarding $100,000 in collaborative partnership with Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office.

Waccamaw Community Foundation selected 5 Sparrows through awarding us $25,000 in September 2017 for victim support services and operations.

Manna Church first sponsored 5 Sparrows as a local Ministry Partner in 2013 providing funding to directly support organizational start up and victim services.  Coins for Children (C4C) is a ministry of Manna Church that takes collected loose change from donors and puts it towards two anti-trafficking organizations, one being 5 Sparrows.  C4C nets thousands of dollars each year and it enables local citizens to get involved in the anti-HT fight.

A heartfelt thank you to our monthly sustainers who wish to remain anonymous. You enable us to continue to operate month after month through your generosity.